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Characterization of deep level defects in Si irradiated with Me V Ar + ions using constant capacitance time analyzed transient spectroscopy
P.K. Giri, , V.N. Kulkarni, Y.N. Mohapatra
Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
Volume: 20
Issue: 4
Pages: 417 - 421
An isothermal spectroscopic technique called time analyzed transient spectroscopy (TATS) in the constant capacitance (CC) mode has been used to characterize electrically active defects in the MeV Ar+ implanted silicon. The problems associated with high defect density and the presence of damaged region in the as-implanted material are overcome by CC-TATS method. The CC-TATS spectra of the as-implanted sample shows two positive peaks and an attendant negative peak. Two distinct traps have also been identified using thermally stimulated capacitance method modified to operate in constant capacitance mode. Variable pulse width measurements using CC-TATS show exponential capture kinetics in contrast to extremely slow capture observed in conventional deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) experiment. The results indicate that trapping behaviour is due to point-like defects associated with extended defects such as dislocation and stacking fault.
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Published in Indian Academy of Sciences
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