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Biodiversity in Tropical Moist Forests : a Study of Sustainable Use of Non-Wood Forest Products in the Western Ghats , Kerala
Muraleedharan K P, Sasidharan N, Seethalakshmi K K,
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Issue: December
Non-wood Forest Products (NWFPs) form a significant proportion of forest biodiversity in Kerala, India. Of late, there is wide spread concern over the depletion of biodiversity of these products due to various reasons such as population growth, unsustainable harvesting, habitat destruction, etc. In this study, an attempt is made to explore the ways to maintain sustainable extraction of NWFPs and biodiversity. The study has observed that there has been significant depletion of biodiversity of commercially important NWFPs due to over exploitation. Further, the ecological and socioeconomic systems that affect their sustainable management are closely linked. For sustainable resource use, one needs to consider regeneration rates of resources. The species for which regeneration is not adequate, enrichment planting may be undertaken. The study suggests an effective system of participatory management by the stakeholders at local level for sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity of NWFPs.
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