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Automatic conversion of HTML pages to semantic web pages
S. Krishna,
Published in
Pages: 1884 - 1896
The simplicity and proliferation of World Wide Web (WWW) has taken the availability of information to an unprecedented level. Moreover, this entire available information is in unstructured textual format that results search process inefficient. Simultaneously, development of web technology led to the new concept of semantic web [1], which is an extension of current web and seeks to make information understandable by machines. This creation of semantic web content involves semantic annotation of the web pages, extraction of essential data from the annotated web page and finally generation of semantic web page through processes that require high degree of engineering skill. We have developed integrated tool that helps in creation of semantic web page based on ontology [4] from HTML web page, thus enabling computers and people to work in cooperation in a better way. Semantic web page will help to process user's query in meaningful way. Copyright © 2007 IICAI.
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