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Attention-based Single Image Dehazing Using Improved CycleGAN

R.S. Jaisurya,
Published in IEEE

Single image dehazing is a popular research topic among the researchers in computer vision, machine learning, image processing, and graphics. Most of the recent methods for single image dehazing are based upon supervised learning set up. However, supervised methods require annotation of the data, which often makes the dehazing methods biased towards the manual annotation errors. Unsupervised methods are more likely to produce realistic, clear images. However, fewer efforts are found in the literature for single image dehazing in unsupervised set up. We propose an enhanced CycleGAN architecture for Unpaired single image dehazing, with an attention-based transformer architecture embedded in the generator. The proposed transformer comprises three components: 1) A Feature Attention (FA) block combining channel attention and pixel attention mechanism, 2) A Dynamic feature enhancement block for dynamically capturing the spatial structured features and 3) An adaptive mix-up module to preserve the flow of shallow features from downsampling. Experiments on the benchmark datasets show the efficacy of the proposed method. Codes for this work are available in the link: \url{https://github.com/rsjai47/Attention-Based-CycleDehaze}.

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