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Appraisal of suitability for urban planning and expansion analysis using quick bird satellite data
V.P. Mandal, S. Shutrana, , S. Patairiya, M. Shamim, S. Sharma, V. Tomar, P. Kumar
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 9
Issue: 12
Pages: 2716 - 2723
In the present study we have taken the urban area of Jind District of the Haryana state. The study has been done on the basis of Design Standards and Methodology formulated in "National Urban Information System" (NUIS) scheme by "Standing Committee on Urban Management" (SC-U) under the "Ministry of Urban Development" (MOUD), in 2006.The major objective of NUIS scheme is to design, organize and establish a comprehensive information system and the study area, materials and methodology designs standard have been discussed. Urban planners require information related to the spatial information within time frame. Remote sensing and GIS along with collateral data help of analysis the LU/LC mapping. In the present study conduct high resolution data (Quick Bird and Resources Sat-1 LISS IV and other side secondary data census of India 2011. The result conceded of the study area highest agricultural land covered by 71.31% which is optimised through RS and GIS based. Image classification scheme LU/LC going to be Level IV and the resulted shown Level II 19 categories identify of the study area. The study areas occupy 9365.80 ha-1 lands and out of 17.48 % taken urban built up land. © 2006-2014 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
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