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Application of static var system auxiliary controllers to improve the transient performance of series compensated long transmission lines
N. Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 34
Issue: 2
Pages: 75 - 83
The paper presents a comparative assessment of the static var system (SVS) bus frequency and line reactive power auxiliary controllers for the transient performance enhancement of series compensated long transmission lines. A new controller, namely, the combined reactive power and frequency (CRPF) auxiliary controller, has been developed and incorporated in the static var control system located at the middle of the transmission line. The series compensation is provided at the sending end of the line. The application of the auxiliary controllers considerably enhances the system damping and the unstable system modes are stabilized. A digital computer simulation study has been performed to compare the effectiveness of the auxiliary controllers under disturbance conditions and the superiority of the (CRPF) auxiliary controller has been established over the other auxiliary controllers. © 1995.
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