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Anomalous wear-out phenomena of europium-implanted light emitters based on a metal-oxide-semiconductor structure
L. Rebohle, J. Lehmann, S. Prucnal, A. Nazarov, I. Tyagulskii, S. Tyagulskii, , M. Voelskow, D. Grambole, W. SkorupaShow More
Published in
Volume: 106
Issue: 12
The anomalous wear-out phenomena of Eu-implanted metal-oxide-semiconductor devices were investigated. It will be shown that in contrast to other rare earth elements the electroluminescence (EL) intensity of Eu-implanted SiO2 layers can rise under constant current injection before the known EL quenching will start. Under certain circumstances, this rise may amount up to two orders of magnitude. The EL behavior will be correlated with the microstructural and electrical properties of the devices. Transmission electron microscopy and Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy were applied to trace the development of Eu/Eu oxide clusters and the diffusion of Eu to the interfaces of the gate oxide layer. The hydrogen profile within the SiO2-SiON interface region was determined by nuclear reaction analysis. Current-voltage characteristics, EL decay times, and the progression of the voltage and the EL spectrum with increasing charge injection were measured to study charge and trapping phenomena in the oxide layer to reveal details of the EL excitation mechanism. A first qualitative model for the anomalous life time behavior is proposed. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.
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