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An improved integrated pest management model under 2-control parameters (sterile male and pesticide)
, D.K. Bhattacharya
Published in
PMID: 17306306
Volume: 209
Issue: 1
Pages: 256 - 281
The object of the present paper is to study an integrated pest management (IPM) problem in an agroecosystem (paddy-fish culture) through mathematical modeling and analysis, where release of sterile males and spraying of pesticide have been used as control measures for pest population. Using optimal analysis of the model, we have shown that restricted and proper use of control measures might enhance the crop production of the system in an economically viable way. The paper also considers the vulnerability of the underlined ecosystem due to the effect of temperature on the pest growth. Using Liapunov-like function, we have found out a suitable range of temperature, where this IPM strategy remains effective. Some important remarks have finally been made on the basis of numerical simulation. © 2006 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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