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Accelerated stressing and degradation mechanisms for Si-based photo-emitters
, A. Verma, B. Bhuva
Published in
Pages: 200 - 205
Silicon p-n junction biased in avalanche breakdown emit visible light and its integration offer the potential for VLSI-compatible optical interconnect systems enabling next generation technologies and/or contact-less functional testing. The Si light emitters were stressed with AC, DC excitation and increased temperature to accelerate the aging. The results clearly show that the effects of AC, temperature stressing are negligible on light emission. DC stressing results in light coalescence for low values of current (less than 25mA) with total light emission coming out of the junction remaining constant. However, for DC stressing with large current (larger than 40mA) there is no significant variation of light emission. Changes in the light emission behavior for large and small values of DC excitations are consistent with a hydrogen migration model. The study revealed a strong dependence of light emission on the layout of test devices.
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