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A versatile carbohydrate based gelator for oil water separation, nanoparticle synthesis and dye removal
Narayana C., Upadhyay R.K., Chaturvedi R., Sagar R.
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
Volume: 41
Issue: 6
Pages: 2261 - 2267
A versatile green gelator suitable for multiple applications is reported. Gelation of organic solvents in a significantly low gelation time (<5 s) is achieved. The effect of cooling and sonication on gelation time is investigated. Apart from organic solvents, the gelator is capable of forming gels with fuel oils such as diesel and petrol also; therefore, it has been utilized for the separation of oil from an oil/water mixture through selective gelation of the oil. The gelator was also found to be capable of forming hydrogels through rational control of the reaction conditions. Hydrogel prepared using the gelator was further explored as reaction medium for the growth of gold nanoparticles. In the case of nanoparticle synthesis, the gelator served not only as a capping agent but also as a reducing agent. By taking advantage of the dual functionality of the gelator (capping and reducing agent), nanoparticles of both gold and silver were prepared in fluid medium also. The organogel, prepared using toluene and gelator, was utilized for the removal of the waterborne synthetic dye rhodamine B. © The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
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Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
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