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A stem canker disease of Eucalyptus caused by Cryphonectria cubensis in Kerala
E Florence J M, , C Mohanan, C Nair T S, S Kedharnath, S Kondas
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C. cubensis is reported from Kerala (Wynad District) for the first time in 1980 on a 2-yr-old plantation of E. grandis. Its biology and symptoms produced are described. Plots in plantations of E. grandis and E. tereticornis were monitored for 3 yr from 1980 and the occurrence and spread of the canker recorded. The severity of infection varied with location and host species: it was more severe at high alt., where there was high rainfall and in E. grandis. In one plantation of E. grandis, infection was 0.8% in 1980 increasing to 27.5% in 1982. Overall mortality in the state was estimated at 3% of the infected trees. Healthy 2-yr-old saplings were inoculated through a V-shaped cut in the stem and observed at monthly intervals: all developed the disease. Planting resistant provenances is recommended.
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