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A novel training based QR-RLS channel estimator for MIMO OFDM systems
Rawal D., Ok P.Y.,
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In this paper, A novel method for OFDM-MIMO channel estimation using QR-RLS(Square Root-Recursive Least Square) estimator is presented. Preamble aided channel estimation is performed in time-domain, estimated channel is then used for data detection during data transmission within that frame. The performance results are compared with wiener RLS channel estimator in terms of channel estimator MSE performance. Wiener based Standard-RLS estimator uses correlation matrix inverse for estimation and recursion, Correlation matrix may become singular under low noise/high correlated channels, results in round-off error. On the other hand, Square-Root estimator use QR-factorization of the correlation matrix and thus avoids square matrix inverse results in less computations as well as less roundoff error. The simulation results shows that square root QR-RLS estimator give better results in terms of Estimation error. © 2010 IEEE.
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