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A joint QR-LS based coarse-fine channel estimation and QR-LRL detection for mobile WiMAX 802.16m
Rawal D., Park Y.-O., Park H.S., Lee H.,
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In this paper, We extended our previous work of QR-RLS based MIMO(Multiple input Multiple output) channel estimation to Mobile Wimax 802.16m system. Mobile wimax system provides high data rate, also fulfills user's requirement like VOD(Video on demand)at very high vehicle speed and also provides better cell coverage area. Channel estimation is crucial part to achieve this goals especially in fast fading environment. Generally, Mobile Wimax systems uses Preamble and Pilots for channel estimation purpose. In the proposed method both preamble and pilots are jointly used for robust channel estimation. At First, QR-RLS Estimator uses Preamble for coarse channel estimation at start of every frame. Once the coarse channel is estimated, then pilots (scattered throughout time-frequency grid) are jointly used with the coarse channel component to derive the channel fading rate. This fading rate is then used to finely estimate the channel at pilot as well as data subcarrier. Thus robust estimation results without adding any overhead. Jointly estimated channel is then used with QR-LRL based data detection, where hard decision values are calculated. Simulation results are shown under various slow-fast channel fading conditions. Results are compared with pilot based channel estimation with LS(least square) interpolation, which shows that joint coarse-Fine estimation gives better performance. © 2011 IEEE.
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