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A fully coupled ship motion and sloshing analysis in various container geometries
, L.V. Hai, L. Jing, B.C. Khoo
Published in
Volume: 17
Issue: 2
Pages: 139 - 153
In the present study a novel modeling approach is presented to solve the combined internal sloshing and sea-keeping problem. The model deals with interesting effects arising due to the coupled interaction between the sloshing in partially filled containers of several geometries and the ship motion. The study is very important for the liquid cargo carrier operating in rough sea or under different environmental conditions. The resulting slosh characteristics that include transient pressure variation, free surface profiles and hydrodynamic pressure over the container walls have been reported in this study. In addition, the effects of coupled ship response and sloshing on ship motion parameters have also been investigated. The equations of motion of fluid, considered inviscid, irrota-tional, and partially compressible, are expressed in terms of the pressure variable alone. A finite difference-based iterative time-stepping technique is employed to advance the coupled solution in the time domain. Several parameters of interest, including the container parameters, level of liquid, thrusters modeling and some important environmental factors are investigated. © 2012 JASNAOE.
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