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Vertical stress under point load on cross-anisotropic elastic half-space with reduced parameter material model
A. Prashant, A. Srivastava,
Published in
Issue: 200 GSP
Pages: 80 - 85
Natural soil deposits commonly exhibit cross-anisotropy about a vertical axis due to their depositional environment. This paper presents a study of the vertical stress distribution in a cross-anisotropic elastic soil deposit due to a point load. The study is based upon the exact solution derived by Liao and Wang (1998) that uses Fourier and Hankel transforms to solve the governing differential equations of the displacement functions. The solution has been first modified to consider a reduced parameter elastic model for cross-anisotropy as proposed by Graham and Houlsby (1983). The vertical stress distribution in the soil has been studied for a vertical point load with a varying degrees of anisotropy. © 2010 ASCE.
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