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Updates on genomic resources in chickpea for crop improvement
Ghangal R., Singh V.K., Khemka N.K., Rajkumar M.S., , Jain M.
Published in Humana Press Inc.
PMID: 31893441
Volume: 2107
Pages: 19 - 33
In recent years, rapid advancement has been done in generation of genomic resources for the important legume crop chickpea. Here, we provide an update on important advancements made on availability of genomic resources for this crop. The availability of reference genome and transcriptome sequences, and resequencing of several accessions have enabled the discovery of gene space and molecular markers in chickpea. These resources have helped in elucidating evolutionary relationship and identification of quantitative trait loci for important agronomic traits. Gene expression in different tissues/organs during development and under abiotic/biotic stresses has been interrogated. In addition, single-base resolution DNA methylation patterns in different organs have been analyzed to understand gene regulation. Overall, we provide a consolidated overview of available genomic resources of chickpea that may help in fulfilling the promises for improvement of this important crop. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2020.
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Published in Humana Press Inc.
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