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TicTorque: Diagnosing effects of blink tics through mobile EEG headsets
Majethia R., Dasgupta I., Joshi A., Joshi M.
Published in Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
Pages: 25 - 28
In this work, we aim to explore the use of non-invasive, wearable EEG headsets for detecting and diagnosing the effects of blink tics. First, we demonstrate the use of the headset in the accurate detection of blink tics as compared to more expensive and cumbersome technology. Comparing against invasive facial monitoring techniques using Smartphones, EEG driven detection is able to achieve 80\% accuracy in correctly detected events, with a detection delay of less than 1 second. Next, we use these headsets to draw a positive correlation between excessive blinking and deterioration in attention and performance to support past research, and demonstrate that time taken for the same work can increase up to 300\% depending on the type of work, due to excessive blinking. Finally, we make a case for applications involving the use of EEG headsets to monitor and aid students and workers with blink tics to ensure equitable time conditions.
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Published in Association for Computing Machinery, Inc
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