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Theory of the unusual doping and temperature dependence of photoemission spectra in manganites
Prabuddha Sanyal, , Nandan Pakhira, H. Krishnamurthy R., D. Sarma D., T. Ramakrishnan V.
Published in
Volume: 82
Issue: 4
A recent, major, puzzle in the core-level photoemission spectra of doped manganites is the observation of a 1-2 eV wide shoulder with intensity varying with temperature T as the square of the magnetization over a T scale of order 200 K, an order of magnitude less than electronic energies. This is addressed and resolved here, by extending a recently proposed two-fluid polaron-mobile electron model for these systems to include core-hole effects. The position of the shoulder is found to be determined by Coulomb and Jahn-Teller energies, while its spectral weight is determined by the mobile electron energetics which is strongly T and doping dependent, due to annealed disorder scattering from the polarons and the t2g core spins. Our theory accounts quantitatively for the observed T dependence of the difference spectra and furthermore, explains the observed correspondence between spectral changes due to increasing doping and decreasing T. Copyright {\textcopyright} EPLA, 2008.
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