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The solid-state ring laser gyro: Current and future trends
S. Schwartz, T. Lauprêtre, F. Goldfarb, F. Bretenaker, , I. Carusotto, G. Feugnet, F. Gutty, J.-P. Pocholle
Published in
Volume: 8636
We report our progress towards a high performance solid-state ring laser gyro using a diode-pumped Nd-YAG crystal as the gain medium. We then discuss the possibility of including in this device a highly dispersive medium, which could serve for testing the recent proposal by Shariar and coworkers of a fast-light ring laser gyro. This discussion is supported in particular by the recent results obtained at Laboratoire Aimé Cotton with electromagnetically induced transparency in metastable helium © 2013 SPIE.
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