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Synthesis, structural studies and ligand influence on the stability of aryl-NHC stabilised trimethylaluminium complexes
M. Wu. M, A.M. Gill, L. Yunpeng, L. Falivene, L. Yongxin, , L. Cavallo, F. García
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
Volume: 44
Issue: 34
Pages: 15166 - 15174
Treatment of a series of aromatic NHCs (IMes, SIMes, IPr and SIPr) with trimethylaluminium produced their corresponding Lewis acid-base adducts: IMes·AlMe3 (1), SIMes·AlMe3 (2), IPr·AlMe3 (3), and SIPr·AlMe3 (4). These complexes expand the few known examples of saturated NHC stabilised Group 13 complexes. Furthermore, compounds 1-4 show differential stability depending on the nature of the NHC ligand. Analyses of topographic steric maps and NHC %VBur were used to explain these differences. All the compounds have been fully characterised by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, IR and single crystal X-ray analysis together with computational studies. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2015.
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Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
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