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Synthesis and crystal structure of cis-dioxomolybdenum(VI) complex with salicylaldehyde-2-pyrazinoylhydrazone
GS Sanyal, , PK Nath, RJ Butcher
Published in
Volume: 79
Issue: 6
Pages: 486 - 488
MoO2Cl2(DMF)(2) reacts with salic ylaldehyde-2-pyrazinoylhydrazone (SAPH) in methanol to afford the title complex. X-Ray structure analysis reveals that the complex possesses the usual cis-MoO22+ moiety and SAPH behaves as a dianionic tridentate donor coordinating through azomethine nitrogen, enolic and phenolic oxygens. The sixth coordination site around Mo is occupied by a water molecule in the distorted octahedral geometry of the complex. The second water molecule is present as water of crystallization.
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