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Swift heavy ion irradiation in ZnO films
Sahoo D., Ali N., Singh B., Ghosh S.
Published in American Institute of Physics Inc.
Volume: 2142
We discussed the morphological, structural, optical and electrical properties of unirradiated and swift heavy ions (SHI) irradiated ZnO films.X-ray diffraction revealed the hexagonal wurtzite structure corresponding to c-axis (002) of all films. The roughnesses and grain sizes of the irradiated ZnO film increases with increasing SHI fluencies. Both unirradiated and irradiated films show more than 90 \% transmission in the UV-visible region. Finally, we show that SHI reduced the resistance of the ZnO films to a large extent. © 2019 American Institute of Physics Inc.. All rights reserved.
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Published in American Institute of Physics Inc.
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