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Sustainable value creation from leather solid wastes: Preparation of shoe soling material using nano fillers
Gupta S., Ponsubbiah S., , Mandal S.
Published in Verein fur Gerberei-Chemie und -Technik e. V. (VGCT)
This research aims at recycling of the leather industry solid waste, chrome shaving, into shoe components, such as outsole and insole material. Chrome shaving waste from the leather industry was used for making shoe soles by mixing with rubber and inorganic nanoparticles. Isoprene and Ethylene propylene monomer (EPDM) rubbers were used for this purpose. Various combinations of rubber, nanoparticle and chrome shaving waste were studied to get the desired characteristics of soling material. The prepared shoe soles were characterized for physico-mechanical behaviours like hardness, density, abrasion resistance and tensile strength, and compared with those of the rubber-based soling material available commercially. The shoe sole prepared using a combination of the isoprene and EPDM (1:1) rubber along with chrome shaving waste and kaolinite/silica nanoparticles showed physico-mechanical characteristics very close to the commercial soling material with higher value of percentage elongation. Hence, an efficient use of the fibrous chrome shaving and trimming wastes from leather industry in sole making would avoid the environmental problem, and could be a source of sustainable value-creation. © 2019 VGCT.
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Published in Verein fur Gerberei-Chemie und -Technik e. V. (VGCT)
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