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Sulfur Copolymer: A New Cathode Structure for Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries
Ghosh A., Shukla S., Monisha M., Kumar A., , Mitra S.
Published in American Chemical Society
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Pages: 2478 - 2485
High-energy electrochemical storage containing earth abundant materials could be a choice for future battery development. Recent research reports indicated the possibility of room-temperature sodium-ion-sulfur chemistry for large storage including smart grids. Here, we report a room-temperature sodium-sulfur battery cathode that will address the native downsides of a sodium-sulfur battery, such as polysulfide shuttling and low electrical conductivity of elemental sulfur. In this Letter, we use a sustainable route which ensures a large sulfur confinement (i.e., ∼90 wt \%) in the cathode structure. The sulfur-embedded polymer is realized via thermal ring-opening polymerization of benzoxazine in the presence of elemental sulfur (CS90) and later composite with reduced graphene oxide (rGO). The resulting CS90 allows a homogeneous distribution of sulfur due to in situ formation of the polymer backbone and allows maximum utilization of sulfur. This unique electrode structure bestows CS90-rGO with an excellent Coulombic efficiency (99\%) and healthy cycle life. © 2017 American Chemical Society.
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Published in American Chemical Society
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