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Spectral crossovers and universality in quantum spin chains coupled to random fields
Published in American Physical Society
Volume: 105
Issue: 1
We study the spectral properties of and spectral crossovers between different random matrix ensembles [Poissonian, Gaussian orthogonal ensemble (GOE), Gaussian unitary ensemble (GUE)] in correlated spin-chain systems, in the presence of random magnetic fields, and the scalar spin-chirality term, competing with the usual isotropic and time-reversal invariant Heisenberg term. We have investigated these crossovers in the context of the level-spacing distribution and the level-spacing ratio distribution. We use random matrix theory (RMT) analytical results to fit the observed Poissonian-to-GOE and GOE-to-GUE crossovers, and examine the relationship between the RMT crossover parameter λ and scaled physical parameters of the spin-chain systems in terms of a scaling exponent. We find that the crossover behavior exhibits universality, in the sense that, it becomes independent of lattice size in the large Hamiltonian matrix dimension limit. Moreover, the scaling exponent obtained from such a finite size scaling analysis, seems to be quite robust and independent of the type of crossover considered or the specific spectral correlation measure used. © 2022 American Physical Society.
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Published in American Physical Society
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