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Shedding Light on Dark Matter and Neutrino Interactions from Cosmology
Arnab Paul, , Anish Ghoshal, Supratik Pal
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Volume: 4760
In $\rm\Lambda$CDM cosmology, Dark Matter (DM) and neutrinos are assumed to be non-interacting. However, it is possible to have scenarios, where DM-neutrino interaction may be present, leading to scattering of DM with neutrinos and annihilation of DM into neutrinos. We investigate the viability of such scenarios in the light of cosmological data by making use of the PLANCK-2018 and BOSS-BAO 2014 dataset and constrain these processes in the light of the same. We also discuss a particle DM model where DM-neutrino interaction is present and map the constraints to the parameter space of the model.
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