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Search for magnetism in Co and Fe-doped HfO 2 thin films for potential spintronic applications
M.S.R. Rao, D.C. Kundaliya, , C.A. Cardoso, A. Curtin, S.J. Welz, R. Erni, N.D. Browning, S.E. Lofland, C.J. MettingShow More
Published in
Volume: 830
Pages: 299 - 312
The structural and magnetic properties of dilutely doped 3d elements in pulsed laser deposition (PLD) grown HfO 2 high-k dielectric thin films were studied. Monoclinc phase of HfO 2 was stabilized by Co- and Fe- substitution at significantly low growth temperature. High purity HfO 2, CoO and Fe 2O 3 powders were mixed throughly in the required ratio for 5mol% Co and Fe doping in HfO 2. The results from atomic force microscopy showed possible segregation of Fe 3O 4 phase in the form of nanoscale mounds.
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