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Sbottoms of natural NMSSM at the LHC
Jyotiranjan Beuria, , Asesh Datta Krishna
Published in
Volume: 2016
Issue: 8
Abstract: Search for the bottom squarks (sbottoms) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has recently assumed a heightened focus in the hunt for Supersymmetry (SUSY). The popular framework of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM) could conceive a naturally light sbottom which can easily be consistent with available constraints from the experiments at the LHC. Phenomenology of such sbottoms could in principle be as striking as that for a light top squark (stop) thanks to a rather nontrivial neutralino sector (with appreciable mixing among the neutral higgsinos and the singlino) that the scenario gives rise to. Nonetheless, finding such sbottoms would require a moderately large volume of data (∼300 fb−1) at the 13 TeV run of the LHC. A multi-channel analysis establishing a generic depletion of events in the usual 2b-jets + [InlineMediaObject not available: see fulltext.]T final state while registering, in conjunction, characteristically significant rates in various multi-lepton final states accompanied by b-jets might point not only to the presence of light sbottom(s) but could also shed crucial light on their compositions and the (singlino) nature of the lightest SUSY particle (LSP).
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