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RVBs are required for assembling a functional TIP60 complex
S. Jha, , A. Dar, A. Dutta
Published in
PMID: 23297341
Volume: 33
Issue: 6
Pages: 1163 - 1174
RVB1/RVB2 (RuvBL1/RuvBL2 or pontin/reptin) are enigmatic AAA+ ATPase proteins that are present in multiple cellular complexes. Although they have been implicated in many cellular functions, the exact molecular function of RVB proteins in the various complexes is not clear. TIP60 complex (TIP60.com) is a tumor suppressor chromatin-remodeling complex containing RVB proteins. RVBs are required for the lysine acetyltransferase activity of TIP60.com but not for that of the pure recombinant TIP60 polypeptide. Here we describe two molecular functions of RVBs in TIP60.com. First, RVBs negate the repression of catalytic activity of TIP60 by another protein in TIP60.com, p400. RVBs competitively displace the SNF2 domain of p400 from the TIP60 polypeptide. In addition RVBs are also required for heat stability of TIP60.com by a p400-independent pathway. RVB1 and RVB2 are redundant with each other for these functions and do not require their ATPase activities. Thus, RVB proteins act as molecular adaptors that can substitute for one another to facilitate the optimal assembly, heat stability, and function of the TIP60 complex © 2013, American Society for Microbiology.
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