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Role of pH on dimeric interactions for DENV envelope protein: An insight from molecular dynamics study
, A.K. Chaubey, R.P. Ojha
Published in
PMID: 22005292
Volume: 1814
Issue: 12
Pages: 1796 - 1801
The entry of dengue viruses is mediated by pH triggering in the host cells. Here we have studied the DENV E protein stability and binding of its units at low and normal pH using MD and MM-PB/SA method for the first time. To investigate the role of pH in dissociation of dimeric protein, we have performed a concise study of hydrogen bonding and other interactions between units of dimer at low and normal pH. The Generalized Born calculation connotes that dimeric unit was relatively less stable and less proned for dimerisation at low pH. Our results provide a theoretical verification for previous assumptions of pH triggering mechanism of dengue envelope protein. During the pH alteration, we found a large decrement in salt bridges which were observed at normal pH. We also compared the flexibility of each unit and found that they exhibit different fluctuations during molecular dynamics simulations. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All Rights Reserved.
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