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Resurrecting L -type sneutrino dark matter in light of neutrino masses and LUX data
, Narendra Sahu
Published in
Volume: 90
Issue: 9
In the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) the lightest superpartner of the left-handed neutrinos is ruled out as a candidate for dark matter because of its large elastic cross section with the nucleus mediated via the Z boson. We resurrect this candidate by extending the MSSM with two triplets with opposite hypercharge. The addition of the triplets not only plays the role of generating small Majorana masses for the left-handed active neutrinos, but it also makes the lightest sneutrino a viable candidate for dark matter. We then discuss the relevant parameter space that can give rise to the right amount of (thermal) relic abundance as well as satisfy the current direct-detection constraints from XENON100 and LUX. We find that sneutrino dark matter with mass 370-550 GeV can give rise to the correct thermal relic abundance while coannihilating with the bino-like neutralino.
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