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Regime of Legality: Ethnography of Criminal Cases in South Asia
Daniela Berti,
Published in Oxford University Press
Issue: 38
Pages: 45 - 66
An anthropological study on judicial practices in South Asia, this volume takes criminal cases as frameworks to examine power dynamics within a legal setting. Case studies in this book analyse a set of state and non-state institutions and the practices of people associated with them. The essays delve into the underlying tension in institutional contexts between legal practitioners such as police officers, lawyers and judges who orient their claims towards neutralism, objectivity and equality and a set of everyday interactions and decisions where cultural, social and political factors play a major role. This volume is based on the premise that the study of judiciary cases, in all their multifaceted complexity, provides a pertinent and original angle from which to access some issues of South Asia. The chapters examine the discourses and relationships around criminal cases that shape how ideas circulate in the public sphere and how mediation and negotiation between different actors characterize police and court practices.
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Published in Oxford University Press
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