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Quasi-periodic VLF emissions observed during daytime at a low latitude Indian ground station Jammu
K.K. Singh, J. Singh, R.P. Patel, , R.P. Singh, R. Singh, P.A. Ganai
Published in
Volume: 118
Issue: 3
Pages: 209 - 216
This paper reports quasi-periodic pulsing hiss emissions recorded during daytime in the frequency range of 50 Hz-15 kHz at low latitude station Jammu (geomag. lat. = 22°26'N; L = 1.17). It is noted that pulsing VLF emissions are a rare phenomena at low latitudes. The various spectrograms of pulsing VLF hiss emissions presented in this paper clearly show band limited spectrums regularly pulsing with almost equal period of the order of few seconds in the frequency range of ̃3-8kHz. Generation and propagation mechanism of these emissions are briefly discussed. © Printed in India.
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