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Polymorphism in 3-methyl-4-methoxy-4′-nitrostilbene (MMONS), a highly active NLO material
, B.W. Skelton, J.J. McKinnon, M.A. Spackman
Published in
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Pages: 197 - 206
During crystallization experiments two new polymorphs of the highly-active organic nonlinear optical (NLO) material 3-methyl-4-methoxy-4′- nitrostilbene (MMONS) have been discovered. Crystallization conditions of all three polymorphs and their characterization via crystal structure determination from single crystal X-ray diffraction data at 100 K have been discussed in detail. Two of the polymorphs exhibit different conformations, while a third polymorph incorporates both conformers as well as disorder. Comparisons between various types of intermolecular contacts in these three polymorphic forms have been quantified via Hirshfeld surface analysis. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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