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Piezo impedance-based monitoring of loosening of bolts: Experimental and numerical study
Sevugaperumal Arun V.,
Published in SAGE Publications Ltd
Volume: 33
Issue: 8
Pages: 1056 - 1071
The suspension strut mount plays a crucial role in any vehicular suspension system, where it acts as a connector (bolted) to the vehicular body and suspension strut. The mount’s purpose is to cushion the Vehicular impacts and reduce the jarring effect, noise, and vibration caused due to vehicle movement over the undulated roads. The self-loosening of bolts results because of the up and down impact of the spring cause the jounce bouncer to push and pull action at the mount interface, cause vibrations transmitted to the vehicle camber. Self-loosening leads to damage of mount followed by clunking noises, noisy steering, tire misalignment, and can cause discomfort to the passenger. Therefore, condition monitoring and assessment of an upper strut mount is necessary for vehicles. This paper studies the feasibility of the piezo Impedance-based Structural health monitoring (SHM) technique to monitor the self-loosening bolts in the upper strut mount of the suspension system (MacPherson strut suspension) of passenger car. The piezo coupled signatures were obtained experimentally by loosening all the three bolts (connected to strut bearing) through control torques through a digital torque wrench. All the experimental signatures were acquired with a single PZT patch bonded to the surface of the upper strut mount for loosening bolts with pre-tight loss. Progressive damage scenarios are simulated along with preload loss of either single bolt or all three bolts, respectively. Three different statistical damage indices were evaluated for damage quantification raised due to bolt loosening. A 3D numerical modeling of strut mount is done using ANSYS WORKBENCH, and piezo impedance signatures were acquired (hence converted to admittance) for validating the experimental signatures. In an overall, this study provides an insight into the loss of structural integrity due to the self-loosening of suspension bolts, which can be threatful to vehicular integrity. © The Author(s) 2021.
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Published in SAGE Publications Ltd
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