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Optimization of media by evolutionary algorithms for production of polyols
S.V. Patil, , B.D. Kulkarni
Published in
PMID: 12396116
Volume: 102-103
Pages: 119 - 128
Biotransformation of sucrose-based medium to polyols has been reported for the first time using osmophilic yeast, Hansenula anomala. A new, real coded evolutionary algorithm was developed for optimization of fermentation medium in parallel shake-flask experiments. By iteratively employing the nature-inspired techniques of selection, crossover, and mutation for a fixed number of generations, the algorithm obtains the optimal values of important process variables, namely, inoculum size and sugar, yeast extract, urea, and MgSO4 concentrations. Maximum polyols yield of 76.43% has been achieved. The method is useful for reducing the overall development time to obtain an efficient fermentation process.
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