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On the Ergodic Capacity of Distributed MIMO Antenna Systems
Published in Springer New York LLC
Volume: 92
Issue: 2
Pages: 381 - 397
We consider distributed multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) antenna systems, along with their certain generalizations. We show that distributed MIMO configuration can be mapped to a semicorrelated (one side correlated) Wishart model. For a given set of large-scale fading parameters, associated with the path loss and shadow fading, we derive exact and closed-form results for the marginal density of eigenvalues of H†H (or HH†), where H is the channel matrix. We also obtain exact and closed-form expressions for the ergodic channel capacity with the aid of Meijer G-function. The ergodic capacity of semicorrelated Rayleigh fading channel follows as a special case. All analytical results are validated by comparison with Monte-Carlo simulations. © 2016, Springer Science+Business Media New York.
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Published in Springer New York LLC
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