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Observations of unusual Whistlers during Daytime at Jammu
K.K. Singh, R.P. Patel, J. Singh, B. Kumar, , R.P. Singh, B.L. Koul, Lalmani
Published in
Volume: 117
Issue: 3
Pages: 219 - 225
In this paper, we report observations of unusual whistlers recorded at Jammu (geomag. lat. = 22°26′N: L = 1.17), India on March 8, 1999 during the daytime. They are interpreted as one-hop ducted whistlers having propagated along higher L-values in closely spaced narrow ducts from the opposite hemispheres. After leakage from the duct, the waves might have propagated in the earth-ionosphere waveguide towards the equator in surface mode. Tentative explanation of the dynamic spectra of these events is briefly presented. © Printed in India.
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