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Observation of noise phase locking in a single-frequency VECSEL
A. El Amili, V. Pal, F. Goldfarb, , M. Alouini, I. Sagnes, F. Bretenaker
Published in Optical Society of American (OSA)
Volume: 19
Issue: 18
Pages: 17250 - 17259
We present an experimental observation of phase locking effects in the intensity noise spectrum of a semiconductor laser. These noise correlations are created in the medium by coherent carrier-population oscillations induced by the beatnote between the lasing and non-lasing modes of the laser. This phase locking leads to a modification of the intensity noise profile at around the cavity free-spectral-range value. The noise correlations are evidenced by varying the relative phase shift between the laser mode and the non-lasing adjacent side modes. © 2011 Optical Society of America.
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Published in Optical Society of American (OSA)
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