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Numerical Simulation of Erosion Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
, H. Singh, A. Agrawal
Published in John Wiley and Sons
Pages: 89 - 96
Erosion in industrial appliances causes huge loss of valuable resources especially when solid particles are present in the working medium. A number of erosion models that are available in the literature claimed to predict the erosion response. In this work, five erosion models have been evaluated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology. Three most commonly used experimental test rigs (solid particle and unsubmerged slurry jet type and pot type) have been simulated and comparisons with the experimental results have been performed. The study helps in understanding the effect of fluid medium and flow pattern on the erosion process. The knowledge acquired shows that phenomenological based erosion models give better results considering the wide range of operating parameters. The in-depth study of the flow field shows the possibility that erosion mechanism, being parameter dependent, could change with location on the same specimen. © 2012 The Minerals, Metals, & Materials Society. All rights reserved.
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Published in John Wiley and Sons
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