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Novel orthogonal synthesis of a tagged combinatorial triazine library via grignard reaction
J.W. Lee, J.T. Bork, H.-H. Ha, , Y.-T. Chang
Published in
Volume: 62
Issue: 9
Pages: 1000 - 1006
To expand the diversity of 1,3,5-triazine libraries to aryl and alkyl functionalities through the CC bond, we employed a novel orthogonal synthesis via Grignard monoalkylation or monoarylation of cyanuric chloride in solution to prepare aryl- or alkyl-substituted triazine building blocks. These aryl- or alkyl-substituted triazine building blocks were captured by a resin-bound amine, followed by amination and acidic cleavage with high purity. Herein, we demonstrate a novel orthogonal synthesis of a tagged aryl- and alkyl-triazine library on solid support, utilizing building blocks prepared via Grignard reaction in solution. Through incorporation of a triethylene glycol linker at one of the alternate sites on the triazine scaffold we explored an intrinsic tagged library approach. © CSIRO 2009.
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