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Nonlinear generation mechanism of VLF chorus emissions observed at Antarctica during a quiet period
S.B. Singh,
Published in World Scientific Publishing Co.
Pages: 13 - 21
VLF chorus emissions recorded at Indian Antarctic station, Maitri (Lat = 70.46’CS, Long = 11.50’CE, L = 4.5) during a geomagnetic quiet period on 3 Feb. 2001 is reported. The detailed spectral analysis of recorded chorus emissions shows that each chorus element originates from the upper edge of the underlying hiss band. The observed mean chorus element parameters are as follows: lower band frequency fmin = 3.1 kHz, upper band frequency ƒUB = 4.8 kHz, frequency sweep rate df/dt = 2.1 kHz/s and repetition period T = 1 s. To explain the observed dynamic spectra of these chorus emissions, a possible generation mechanism is presented based on the recent nonlinear theory. On the basis of this theory, frequency sweep rate of chorus emission is computed and compared with that of our experimentally observed values, which shows, in general, good agreements. © 2011 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Published in World Scientific Publishing Co.
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