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Niobium doped TiO2: Intrinsic transparent metallic anatase versus highly resistive rutile phase
S.X. Zhang, D.C. Kundaliya, W. Yu, , S.Y. Young, L.G. Salamanca-Riba, S.B. Ogale, R.D. Vispute, T. Venkatesan
Published in
Volume: 102
Issue: 1
We report on the structural, electrical, and optical properties of 5% niobium doped TiO2 thin films grown on various substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The epitaxial anatase Nb: TiO2 film on LaAlO3 is shown to be an intrinsic transparent metal and its metallic property arises from Nb substitution into Ti site as evidenced by the Rutherford backscattering channeling result. In contrast, the rutile Nb: TiO2 thin films show insulating behaviors with 2-3 orders higher room temperature electrical resistivity and ∼30 times lower mobility. A blueshift in the optical absorption edge is observed in both phases, though of differing magnitude. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.
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