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Multifunctional reduced graphene oxide coated cloths for oil/water separation and antibacterial application
Upadhyay R.K., Dubey A., Waghmare P.R., , Roy S.S.
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
Volume: 6
Issue: 67
Pages: 62760 - 62767
Multifunctional reduced graphene oxide (RGO) coated cloths were prepared through the thermal treatment of GO coated cloths without using any harmful reducing agent. The effect of heating temperature on the wetting properties of the cloths was also monitored through contact angle measurement. The highest contact angle 141° was observed for the RGO coated dense cloth while the highest contact angle exhibited by the RGO coated sparse cloth was 130°. The as prepared RGO coated cloths were utilized as a filter and an absorbent for oil/water separation. The RGO coated sparse cloth was utilized as a filter for the separation of an oil/water mixture while the dense cloth was utilized as an absorbent for the selective absorption of oil from water. RGO coated cloths were also explored as an antibacterial agent and the effect of the microstructure of coated cloths on their antibacterial properties was also investigated. The cloth with the dense structure exhibited higher antibacterial activity compared to the sparse cloth. A significant loss of percentage viability up to 98\% was achieved using the RGO coated cloth, proving it highly efficient as an antibacterial agent, which makes it a suitable bandage material for the dressing of open wounds. Apart from being antibacterial, the RGO coated cloths are also hydrophobic in nature so they can protect wound from water and atmospheric moisture which is not possible with ordinary bandages. © 2016 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
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