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Metallic state in La-doped YBa 2Cu 3O y thin films with n-type charge carriers
S.W. Zeng, X. Wang, W.M. Lü, Z. Huang, M. Motapothula, Z.Q. Liu, Y.L. Zhao, A. Annadi, , H. MaoShow More
Published in
Volume: 86
Issue: 4
We report hole and electron doping in La-doped YBa 2Cu 3O y (YBCO) thin films synthesized by the pulsed laser deposition technique and subsequent in situ postannealing in ambient oxygen and vaccum. The n-type samples show a metallic behavior below the Mott limit and a high carrier density of ∼2.8×1021 cm -3 at room temperature (T) at the optimally reduced condition. The in-plane resistivity(ρ ab) of the n-type samples exhibits a quadratic T dependence in the moderate-T range and shows an anomaly at a relatively higher T probably related to pseudogap formation analogous to underdoped Nd 2-xCe xCuO 4 (NCCO). Furthermore, ρ ab(T), T c, and T with minimum resistivity (T min) were investigated in both p and n sides. The present results reveal the n-p asymmetry (symmetry) within the metallic-state region in an underdoped cuprate and suggest the potential toward ambipolar superconductivity in a single YBCO system. © 2012 American Physical Society.
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