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Metal-free C(sp2)-H functionalization of azoles: K2CO3/I2-mediated oxidation, imination, and amination
Das R., Banerjee M., Rai R.K., Karri R., Roy G.
Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
PMID: 29651477
Volume: 16
Issue: 23
Pages: 4243 - 4260
The direct C2-H oxidation and imination of a wide variety of azoles was achieved by using a commercially available simple K2CO3/I2 reagent combination. The iodinated azole adduct, produced via the in situ generation of N-heterocyclic carbene, is the key intermediate for C2-H oxidation, imination, and amination of azoles. Significantly, these reactions proceed under mild conditions with high to excellent yields, are scalable to large quantity and exhibit a broad substrate scope. Interestingly, this direct C2-H imination method allowed us to access various pharmacologically active N6-alkyl or N6-aryl substituted benzimidazoquinazolinone scaffolds through intramolecular C-H imination in a sequential one-pot reaction. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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Published in Royal Society of Chemistry
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