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Magnetic moment measurement of short lived states via the Doppler Shift Transient Field method
K.-P. Lieb, E. Galindo-Leon,
Published in
Volume: 136-137
Issue: 3-8
Pages: 215 - 223
Magnetic moment measurements of picosecond states generally make use of the huge transient magnetic fields which fast nuclei experience during their passage through a ferromagnetic foil. Based on the Recoil Distance Transient Field (RDTF) method previously pioneered by the Göttingen group, we propose the Doppler Shift Transient Field (DSTF) method to measure g-factors of short-lived high-spin states excited in a heavy ion fusion reaction at a high recoil velocity. This method can be used whenever the state is populated by fast discrete feeder transitions γ2. By measuring the Larmor precession of the decay γ-ray γ1 with a gate set on the Doppler shifted tail of γ2, one selects events of high recoil velocity (= high transient field) and avoids, to a large extent, the uncertainties of delayed side and cascade feedings inherent in heavy-ion fusion reactions. Estimates are given for the DSTF precessions in 102Cd and 74Br. © 2002 Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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