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Magnesium polysulfide catholyte (MgSx): Synthesis, electrochemical and computational study for magnesium-sulfur battery application
Muthuraj D., Pandey M., Krishna M., Ghosh A., Sen R., , Mitra S.
Published in Elsevier B.V.
Volume: 486
Rechargeable magnesium-sulfur (Mg/S) batteries are considered a promising energy storage devices for grid-scale applications due to their high theoretical energy density, safety, and low cathode cost. However, the Mg/S batteries suffer from the low practical energy density mainly arising from the rapid dissolution of polysulfides and slow reaction kinetics between Mg and solid-phase sulfur. In this regard, we have introduced here the magnesium polysulfide (MgSx) catholyte as a liquid-phase active material to conquer the sluggish redox kinetics of Mg/S batteries. A polyaniline-coated carbon cloth (CC@PANI) has been incorporated as a current collector and a reservoir for magnesium-polysulfide(MgSx) catholyte. The MgSx containing CC@PANI cathode (i.e., CC@PANI@MgSx cathode) exhibits an initial reversible specific capacity of 514 mA h g−1 and retains 428 mA h g−1 after 25 cycles. The effect of MgSx catholyte on the electrochemical performance of the Mg/S batteries have been closely investigated through post-cycling characterization of Mg anode and computational studies. Besides, the phase transition of sulfur during magnesiation a complete reaction has been studied in the current report. © 2020
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Published in Elsevier B.V.
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