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Local probing of the enhanced field electron emission of vertically aligned nitrogen-doped diamond nanorods and their plasma illumination properties
Deshmukh S., Sankaran K.J., Srinivasu K., Korneychuk S., Banerjee D., Barman A., Bhattacharya G., Phase D.M., Gupta M., Verbeeck J.Show More
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 83
Pages: 118 - 125
A detailed conductive atomic force microscopic investigation is carried out to directly image the electron emission behavior for nitrogen-doped diamond nanorods (N-DNRs). Localized emission measurements illustrate uniform distribution of high-density electron emission sites from N-DNRs. Emission sites coupled to nanographitic phases at the grain boundaries facilitate electron transport and thereby enhance field electron emission from N-DNRs, resulting in a device operation at low turn-on fields of 6.23 V/μm, a high current density of 1.94 mA/cm2 (at an applied field of 11.8 V/μm) and a large field enhancement factor of 3320 with a long life-time stability of 980 min. Moreover, using N-DNRs as cathodes, a microplasma device that can ignite a plasma at a low threshold field of 390 V/mm achieving a high plasma illumination current density of 3.95 mA/cm2 at an applied voltage of 550 V and a plasma life-time stability for a duration of 433 min was demonstrated. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.
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