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Local electronic density of states in two-component penrose lattices
J. Cabrera-Trujillo M., F. Mej{\'{i}}a-Lira, J. Mor{\'{a}}n-L{\'{o}}pez L.,
Published in
Volume: 75
Issue: 6
Pages: 477 - 480
The electronic structure of two-component Penrose models of quasicrystals is studied by using a tight-binding model. The Penrose lattice is subdivided in non-equivalent sublattices and the local density of states are calculated at a site surrounded by clusters of distinct sizes. The strong dependence of the density of states on the cluster size and the local neighborhood is evidenced. In particular, the electronic structure of a decoration proposed to model the T-phase of AlFe, is calculated. An asymmetric density of states with no self-similar behaviour is obtained. {\textcopyright} 1990.
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